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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scientific American Takes Umbrage At The Food Industry Lobby's 'Spiking' The Congressional Inter-Agency Working Group Report On Advertising Food To Children

It seems Scientific American has taken umbrage at the food industry lobby's 'spiking' of the report on advertising food to children put together under congressional mandate by a federal inter-agency working group.

It's good to see someone cares about the kids.
According to the General Mills letter, if everyone in the US started eating healthfully, it would cost us $503 billion per year! That might affect our ability to pay CEOs like General Mills’ Ken Powell annual compensations of more than $12 million.
The perfect companion read →”A Note Of Appreciation From The Rich.
The note the power elite left on the nightstand after screwing you.
by Patrick Mustain
Scientific American (May 19 2013)
Dear Consumers: A disturbing trend has come to our attention. You, the people, are thinking more about health, and you’re starting to do something about it. This cannot continue.

Sure, there’s always been talk of health in America. We often encourage it. The thing is, we only want you to think about and talk about health in a certain way - equating health with how you look, instead of outcomes like quality of life and reduced disease risk. Your superficial understanding of health has a great influence over your purchasing decisions, and we’re ready for it, whether you choose to go low-calorie, low-fat, gluten-free or inevitably give up and accept the fact that you can’t resist our Little Debbie snacks, potato chips and ice cream novelties.
Whatever the current health trend, we respond by developing and marketing new products. We can also show you how great some of our current products are and always have been. For example, when things were not looking so good for fat, our friends at Welch’s were able to point out that their chewy fruit snacks were a fat free option. Low fat! Healthy! Then the tide turned against carbohydrates. Our friends in meat and dairy were happy to show that their steaks, meats and cheeses were low-carb choices. Low carbs! Healthy!

But we’re getting uneasy.
In Full @Scientific American

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Word From Our Sponsor: A final whimsical musical word about Kent (State) from Tiny Alice

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(For those of you too young to remember the tune is a send up of an ad for Kent cigarettes, circa 1960s)


George Woldeck - vocals, guitar & bass
Danny Mazza - harmonies & drums
Norman Tischler - horns & flute
Tom Moratta - bass, piano & guitar
Randy Benson - violin
David Krauss - vocals, harmonica & autoharp
Peggy Cella - vocals & tambourine

And sometimes Spanky Mcfarland (Spanky and our Gang)

More on this late 60s, early 70s Ohio jug band here, with a little more here

There IS a MySpace page for them.

For something completely different and beautiful, a ballad to Howard Johnson, and "Roadies" everywhere...

"Me I'm just a HoJo Hobo
My Feet'll point out where I should go
Oranges and Blues are gonna have to see me through
and I'm counting on you..."

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