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Friday, November 11, 2011

Beyond Nepotism - Santa Cruz California Mayor Uses City Council Proclamation To 'Plug' Self-Sponsored Book/Talk Event At His Businesses

AuntieImp received this note from Becky Johnson @ One Woman Talking today:
Looks like Mayor Ryan Coonerty is AGAIN misusing his power with a Mayoral proclamation that sells both books at Bookshop Santa Cruz(ed. his family's business downtown) and tickets at NextSpace (ed. transient office worker rental space downtown).

Feathering his own nest? Heck, that's all he ever does.

Coonerty is the co-owner and co--founder of NextSpace.

He's used his mayoral proclamation to sell tickets to the speaking event his company is sponsoring AND the woman's book is sold in Bookshop Santa Cruz.

See: What's Next Lecture: Jacqueline Novogratz & The Blue Sweater and http://whatsnextlectures.com/
It might also be noted that Mayor Coonerty is married to the one of the owners of Dell Williams Jewelers, an old-line locally owned store downtown.

That may not sound like an 'issue' but it must be considered that his wife is also the current chairperson for the Santa Cruz Downtown Business Association.

And even while his engagement to a woman who chairs a merchant organization that is responsible for most of Santa Cruz city's tourist and student generated revenue was kept in near secrecy, mayor Coonerty voted on matters affecting the downtown shopping district.

To this day the "Boy Mayor", as he's referred to affectionately by those in the know and those who remember his father Neil Coonerty's corrupt so-called 'progressive' reign over Santa Cruz politics, STILL refuses to recuse himself on city council votes regarding their "Shopping Mall By The Sea" formerly known as the "Pacific Garden Mall".

The Santa Cruz City Council Agenda for November 08 2011 with his self-involved 'proclamation':

Santa Cruz Ca City Council Agenda 11/08/2011

For more information about nepotism and corruption in Santa Cruz politics...

See how a member of the Santa Cruz city council actually attempted to have a local church pastor fired for attempting to feed the homeless at his church located across the street from a house owned by the councilwoman's daughter, despite the fact the pastor had ameliorated the city's alleged complaints, and documentation to the fact that Councilwoman Matthews did so on an official city letterhead, with nary a word to the council OR public, here:

"Sorry... Two Words" (That Describe How Corrupt A Local Government Official Can Be) - Santa Cruz California Edition

You might also want to peruse Becky Johnson's One Woman Talking for more 'dirt' on Santa Cruz city dealings and corruption.

The current post on her site: Council's behind the scenes machinations typical of the 1%ers

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