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Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Sorry... Two Words" (That Describe How Corrupt A Local Government Official Can Be) - Santa Cruz California Edition

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A forwarded document from a friend of mine (click for more on this subject) regarding a local Presbyterian church (hereafter known as "The Red Church") that feeds the local homeless and droves of displaced workers every Monday evening.

Apparently SOME PEOPLE in the city government are upset that the pastor of the church did not respond as expected when asked to discontinue the meal citing alleged 'behavioral problems' and 'noise issues' "requiring" police and emergency service calls arising from the serving of a meal for 100 plus mostly homeless youths, over a period of TWO hours, weekly.

This is what happened... Cynthia Matthews, FORMER city council person, wrote a letter to the archdiocese of the Presbyterian church requesting their assistance in forcing Reverend Joel Miller of the Calvary Presbyterian Church to end the meal.

The Reverend Joel P. Miller was called on the carpet by the archdiocese in their equivalent of a Grand Jury and 'convicted'. He IS appealing and the potential for punitive action, including his removal as pastor of the Red Church remains a distinct possibility.

What follows is the document received under the FOIA, penned by Matthews, essentially (at least inferentially) requesting punitive action be taken against Reverend Joel P. Miller of the Calvary Presbyterian Church, Santa Cruz California 95060.

For perspective... Matthew' whine that the Santa Cruz Police Department answered one hundred plus calls in one year from the site of the meal (mostly from affluent unappreciative-of-the-impoverished neighbors), pales in comparison to the three hundred plus assistance calls received in the same year from an organic food supermarket just a block away.

There IS NO hue and cry from the Santa Cruz City Council for New Leaf Market to stop peddling THEIR wares.

SC Supervisor Cynthia Matthew's Letter To The Presbyterian Archdiocese by Auntie Imperial

It would behoove one to note that this is occurring in a town that legislates and creates, in conspiracy with development and property interests, housing and jobs for affluent transients... University students and office workers from elsewhere in the country, who can afford the outlandish rental prices (the office workers come from elsewhere in the US and are far enough away from home that they can write off the often $2,000+ rents as a 'business expense') and have little or no interest in long term planning for the socio-economic health of the city and it's permanent population, but has absolutely locked their own workers AND CHILDREN out of decent affordable housing and jobs that would pay enough to afford the housing... by city policy.

There MUST BE a violation of the State City Charter in there somewhere...

Another example of the city's intent to gentrify the city of Santa Cruz at all social cost... After the suspicious forced closure of the local veterans hall (The vets sued and won... Stand by for a resolution. More from a SC Sentinel Search)

The city also conveniently forgot to assist in the relocation of the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas meals that were staged at the Vets Hall yearly, for the benefit of local senior citizens, the homeless... travelers stranded over the holidays, and anyone else wishing to attend a community meal and consort with other folks who make up Santa Cruz society.

The city of Santa Cruz, when pressured by a large number of citizens, hurriedly allowed the use of the Civic Auditorium for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas... The feast will be served at the INSTITUTIONALIZED homeless 'shelter' (quotes intentional) at the edge of town, near the highway, where the city of Santa Cruz SURELY wishes the less-than-affluent, AKA EX-Workers, of Santa Cruz, would take the hint... pull out the cardboard and marker, make a sign saying "Somewhere Humane Please" and leave the area.

There's one word to describe people like Cynthia Matthews and her merchant/property owner pandering cronies on the Santa Cruz city council...

Corrupt Scum.

Sorry... Two words.

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