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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Voices From The (Santa Cruz) Village: Controversy at the "Red Church" - Is The City Interfering With The Church's Homeless Outreach Program?

[This Video Is One Hour Long... Pop Out Player?]
Louis LaFortune, host of Santa Cruz Community Television's "Voices From The Village" hosts a roundtable discussion with local leaders about the situation between the city and Calvary Episcopal Church's homeless outreach program, which illustrates the unnecessary city-driven adversarial relationship between the independent homeless programs of Santa Cruz and the city, with Father Joel Miller, Pastor at Calvary Church, Richard Enriquez, a Calvary Church volunteer, Don Lane, Santa Cruz City Councilman, and Scott Galloway, Calvary Church volunteer/former Santa Cruz Metro Transit District Director, and others.

The document in question is Here... Written by FORMER city councilmember Cynthia Matthews, the document is a letter to the archdiocese of the Episcopalian church on a Santa Cruz city letterhead requesting their assistance in forcing Reverend Joel Miller of the Calvary Episcopal Church to end the homeless assistance program by pretty much falsely claiming alleged 'behavioral problems' and 'noise issues' "requiring" 'excessive' police and emergency service calls.
Video source: Santa Cruz Community Television

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