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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For A Damn Good Reason Too! Why the Rich Fear Violence in the Streets - WSJ

July 30 2011, Part 2 posted [here]

Hmmm... Public 'resentment' against the rich could turn violent... I support that, and we should get together and do it as soon as possible before these people, who control not just the money, but the media as well, figure out how to get the middle class to turn against the poor... Fascists LUV that kind of action, and the middle class of the US, which has been shown repeatedly to blindly work against it's own self interest, is quite used to scapegoating OTHER people.
Why the Rich Fear Violence in the Streets

July 6 2011

By Robert Frank

Caption: An auto lays on its side
and crowds gather after a bomb exploded
on Wall Street on Sept. 16, 1920. (Getty)

Last year, I was at a billionaire’s home in California and I asked him to describe his biggest worry. He pointed to a 19th century painting on the wall, which depicted a female beggar receiving alms from a wealthy gentleman and giving her patron a flower in return.

“That’s what I worry about,” he said. “But instead of flowers, she’s got guns.

Violence in the streets, aimed at the wealthy. That’s what I worry about.”

It turns out he wasn’t alone. A new survey from Insite Security and IBOPE Zogby International of those with liquid assets of $1 million or more found that 94% of respondents are concerned about the global unrest around the world today.

Fully 90% of respondents have a negative view of the current global economic climate and 41% say they have little or no faith that the U.S. will be able to right itself in this fiscal climate.

More than a third said security concerns have negatively affected business or investment plans.

“The survey found a seismic shift in the attitudes of the wealthy and how they are living their lives, the way they travel and how they are running their businesses,” said Christopher Falkenberg, President of Insite Security.

Of course, Insite has an interest in getting the paranoid rich to beef up their security. Still, the numbers are backed up by other trends..

Read It @ The Wall Street Journal
This is Auntie Imperial, with a friendly reminder...

They only call it "Class War" when you fight back:


Becky Johnson said...

They fear panhandlers more than anyone.

Razer said...

Except maybe "Anarchists"... F-Bomb throwing, plush velvet Malaysian sweat shop toy catapulting Anarchists (who are coming for their daughters...).

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