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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Word From Our Sponsor: A final whimsical musical word about Kent (State) from Tiny Alice

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(For those of you too young to remember the tune is a send up of an ad for Kent cigarettes, circa 1960s)


George Woldeck - vocals, guitar & bass
Danny Mazza - harmonies & drums
Norman Tischler - horns & flute
Tom Moratta - bass, piano & guitar
Randy Benson - violin
David Krauss - vocals, harmonica & autoharp
Peggy Cella - vocals & tambourine

And sometimes Spanky Mcfarland (Spanky and our Gang)

More on this late 60s, early 70s Ohio jug band here, with a little more here

There IS a MySpace page for them.

For something completely different and beautiful, a ballad to Howard Johnson, and "Roadies" everywhere...

"Me I'm just a HoJo Hobo
My Feet'll point out where I should go
Oranges and Blues are gonna have to see me through
and I'm counting on you..."

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