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Monday, November 7, 2011

#The1stAmendmentIsOurPermit - OccupySantaCruz Reads "The Riot Act" To The Political Cronies Of Santa Cruz California

«o» Backgrounder and link to the unsolicited 'permit' mentioned below Here

The cronies of the 1% of Santa Cruz got swarmed at city hall this afternoon...

At least 50 people from #OccupySantaCruz (California) marched to city hall today to deliver a mass vocal rejection of an ultimatum disguised as a 'non-commercial event permit' which would have limited the Occupier's autonomy and control over their encampment in San Lorenzo Park near the Santa Cruz County Court House, by the lovely banks of the San Lorenzo sewag... I mean "River" (really I do!) along with a number of other issues recounted at the background link above and in the rejection document authorized by the General Assembly that follows.

The crowd you see gathered above read the document in unison to city council members who were present and the city manager who had authorized the issuance of the 'permit'.

The city manager of Santa Cruz California claims that the police department 'serves at his pleasure'. In other words, the city council has delegated the day to day authority of the local police department to a hired manager.

Consensus among the Occupiers however is simply; Since the city manager is employed or fired at the city council's pleasure, they are indeed in charge of their own police force. Hence the attempt to trap these rats in their own lair for them all to hear the recited refusal to accept the regulations their manager was demanding of a first amendment related protest.

You could hear the reading of the following document all the way to the back of the City Hall complex:

[Click the image for a full size image in a popout window]

Meanwhile, about another 50 people stood by at the information center on Water Street, one of the busiest traffic routes in the city, near the court house steps, to protect a Geodesic Dome structure which had been erected to protect the #Occupy visitors center from inclement weather, only to have it threatened with forcible removal by the city authorities.

We're waiting Santa Cruz city... ...THIS is what we expect to see:

[Click the image for a full size image in a popout window]

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