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Friday, November 11, 2011

Republican Presidential Contender Rick Perry's Ties to an American Terrorist Right-Wing Militia ('Republic of Texas')

WhoDaThunkIt! IndyBay in the MSM!
"...while Indybay’s Juan Batista alleges that also-running Rick Perry once “sought the support of the Republic of Texas militia (Ed. link intentionally broken... remove dashes... if you must), which has a long history of terrorism,”
(H/t: Congressional Quarterly 'Behind The Lines' homeland security newsletter)
Texas Militia Star
Rick Perry denies he ever spoke in favor of Texas secession from the United States. But records show he not only spoke in favor of secession, Perry spoke at a rally attended by secessionist leaders and a top Perry aide met with secessionist leaders privately. Perry went on to push for legislation favored by secessionists and others. One of the groups he sought the support of, the Republic of Texas militia, has a long history of terrorism, including plots to assassinate a Republican governor (later president), a Democratic president, attempted attacks on a US Army base and federal building, and attempts to acquire missiles and biological weapons.

Rick Perry's Ties to a Terrorist Militia

By JuanBatista

Wednesday November 2, 2011 - 9:20 pm

These are the type of people Governor Rick Perry for a time chose to associate with and sought out their support.

(Summing up, the ROT militia is guilty of:)

Treason, seeking to overthrow the US and Texas governments by force
Plots to assassinate one American President and one Texas Governor (later a US President)
Plotting to murder soldiers at an American Army base
Plotting to murder federal employees
Over $1.5 billion in various forms of fraud
Three kidnappings
Three other attempted murders, including of two policemen
Three other assaults on police
Numerous threats against police and public officials
Attempts to acquire surface to air missiles, plastic explosives, and other military weapons including biological ones
Paper terrorism using phony liens, court orders, summons, warrants
Numerous counts of forging passports, driver’s licenses, other documents

The ROT militia claims to have thousands of members statewide, and admits that some of the membership includes a “white supremacist faction.”[16]

Recall the phony charges against Obama in 2008 about “palling with terrorists” over serving on a committee with someone who, a quarter of a century early, had solely destroyed property.

But Rick Perry shared the stage with real terrorists, and sought their support. The ROT tried to assassinate a Democratic president and a Republican governor, murder police, soldiers, and civilians, force elected officials from office using threats, steal on a scale organized crime can only dream about, and intimidate any who disagree with them.
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