"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”" ~~~~Samuel P. Huntington

Sunday, October 16, 2011

9/11... Who NEEDS A "Conspiracy"? Just Buy The Airplane Tickets And Hand Them Out At 'Appropriate' Places

He Knows JackUnless his experience includes crashing airplanes into buildings or structural engineering for the construction trade, yours truly's experience is just as valid as his.

(Mine maybe more so with experience in construction and foundry work).

The story he's been told... quite simply is an evasion, a carefully crafted fiction using denial and rationalization of facts like 'we have people working as slaves to make our lifestyle possible...'

They're making plastic crap like this:

Twin tower 'Terror Toy' packaged in candy for American children.
Click the image for the news story.

In conditions usually WORSE than this:
‘Blood factories’ of Capitalism

The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is the single largest exporter from China. It manufactures high-end equipment for Apple, Dell, HP, Nintendo, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and a clutch of other global brands
Foxconn’s business model is based on mass production at thin margins, realised by driving its young workforce to the maximum.

While Foxconn has largely achieved anonymity as the world’s largest maker of electronic gadgetry, its shocking suicide rate has catapulted the company to global notoriety.

It’s mastodon factories – Foxconn employs a million workers in China – which resemble medium-sized cities, are run like a military dictatorship.

All the suicide victims at Foxconn’s two Shenzhen factories have been migrant workers in the 17-25 age group. Employees are forced to work double or triple the legal limit on overtime on a regular basis, according to independent surveys. While the maximum legal amount of overtime is 36 hours per month in China, researchers report that 80 to 100 hours of overtime is normal at Foxconn.

Another factor is systematic repression. The company prefers to employ ex-army officers from Taiwan as line supervisors. Militarisation of the production process is a feature of the ‘Foxconn model’. [More]
When people culturally and economically in cadence with the Air Force pilot pictured above allow their elected representatives to bomb countries 'back to the stone age' "Protecting us" from the enemies we've created by our own callous disregard for other cultures, societies, and those lives, it wouldn't even take a charismatic figure like Osama to find a group of people despondent enough to drive an airliner into one or more of our buildings.

Just buy the airplane tickets and hand them out at appropriate places.

Why the buildings fell the way they did or why WTC 7 seemed to independently collapse, is not only irrelevant to the overarching issue, but much of it is easily explainable within a reasonable margin-of-error using simple physics.

But we're talking about self-obfuscation here... we're not talking about reasonable people. We're talking about mainstream middle-class people (and people aspiring to be middle-class) desperate to maintain their lifestyles.

Addicts... Any kind... From the 'depths and degradations' of Heroin addiction to the typical American compulsively consuming 'Stuff' they're told they must have.

As they spin out of control they attempt to micromanage, control, assign responsibility to, and blame everyone but themselves.

Responsibility-for-their-own-actions while simultaneously maintaining the addiction is not possible.
What Did You Say
[Click the image for source and comments @ Adbusters Magazine, Journal of the Mental Environment]
You blame Dick Cheney.

You blame Osama.

You blame the Military-Industrial complex that DOES indeed profit from the War on Terror while you receive the benefit of a continuation of lifestyle for a little while longer...

But you will NEVER blame yourself, your lifestyle, or take any sort of personal responsibility for your government's actions taken in your name.

Because you would have to admit you've been 'bought and sold', like sheep, led without resistance to the slaughter.

Sheep To The Slaughter/If - Paris, and The Maroons

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Razer said...

I will state unequivocally that the people in charge of the US government since the beginning of the industrial revolution until the present have created the circumstances that allowed the event to occur though, and, in their reasoning, with America's media-programmed-to-consume citizens in mind, 'did it all for us'.

No whining... You people have had at LEAST a century now to view the plan... (he said, 'channeling' the commander of the Vogon constructor fleet, a reptilian alien.)

The WTC was, quite simply, collateral damage in a century long cultural war. If you like your car, and your Pakistani made sweatshirt, get used to it. They aren't fighting us with spears, shields and rocks anymore.

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