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Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Could Be Ugly (in the best kind of way)... 'Anonymous' Declares Solidarity With The Animal Liberation Struggle

I can just picture Edward Abbey smiling down On Anonops

Be like Ed (Description)

"We aren't trying to overthrow EVERYTHING... ...but certain specific things. Business, POLITICS, Poverty, and Oppression." ~~Herbert Marcuse
Anonymous Hackers Group Declares Solidarity With Animal Liberation Struggle

Fight Against Oppression Won't be Affected by Recent Arrest of 14 Alleged Members

Los Angeles: In a computer-generated spoken communique on YouTube last week, the hackers group Anonymous voiced its solidarity with the struggle for animal liberation. Citing the commonality of oppression against humans and non-human animals, the group highlighted the injustice in animal experimentation and the unnecessary consumption of animal flesh, and asked the public not to turn their backs on non-humans capable of "emotions such as joy. anger. sadness & fear. both [humans and non-human animals] have families. mothers. fathers. brothers. sisters. sons & daughters".
...and the sentiment is mutual:
"The North American Animal Liberation Press Office unequivocally supports the actions of Anonymous, as a critical component in the fight against a capitalist state intent on the destruction of habitat, oppression of those who are necessary to sustain its domination, and suppression of any dissent by those who recognize the need to act against tyranny."

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[Source and full transcript Animal Liberation Press Office]
H/t: Indymedia California

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