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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Barren Place: California Bookstore Replaced By Police Substation

A Barren Place: Santa Cruz California Bookstore Replaced By Police Substation

Wednesday May 11 2011

In the wake of the closing of Borders Bookshop the SCPD has increased their overt pressure on the musicians and craftsmen native to, and traveling through Santa Cruz California.

These itinerant craftspeople have been known to purvey their wares within the boundaries of the city's arcane laws regarding sales, vending, noise ordinances with no known or stated standards, trespassing laws that encompass half the available sidewalk space as is the case in front of Borders Books, and the police are on scene this morning to specifically show the citizens of Santa Cruz how welcome they are, and to prove-by-their-presence that generally, hanging out and enjoying the day on Pacific avenue, a PUBLIC STREET, is a significant enough event to warrant(sic) 'observation'.

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Pacific Avenue, in the intervening years since the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, has become an ugly blight... A failed corporate business-inhabited 'Shopping Mall', with the only revenue producing businesses apparently being the bars frequented on weekends by UCSC students, wherein Santa Cruz increases it's bloated police budget, but NOT it's city treasury, enforcing laws related to a host of universally problematic alcohol related crimes.

This is RazerRaygun saying "Take It Easy... But TAKE IT!

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