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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's ON! Fetch My Trusty Steed! - Hackers take down site of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds and others

If YOU need a "trusty steed" for the battle ahead, go here, follow the feeding, care and handling directions, then you can ride into battle anonymously and safely
"The more the dinosaurs thrash around, the faster they sink themselves into the quicksand.

This is Armageddon in the networks vs. hierarchies war, and we’ll have their bleeding heads on our battlements." (Source...)

...and it was so: "Hackers take down site of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds"

More here:
The forces of Anonymous have taken aim at several companies who are refusing to do business with WikiLeaks. 4chan's hordes have launched distributed denial-of-service attacks against PayPal, Swiss bank PostFinance, and other sites that have hindered the whistleblowing site's operations.

A self-styled spokesman for the group calling himself "Coldblood" has said that any website that's "bowing down to government pressure" is a target. PayPal ceased processing donations to the site, and PostFinance froze WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's account.

The attacks are being performed under the Operation: Payback banner; Operation: Payback is the name the group is using in its long-running attacks on the RIAA, MPAA, and other organizations involved with anti-piracy lawsuits... [Continued]

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