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Sunday, November 14, 2010

There ARE A Couple Of Things About The Saudi-Sponsored Haj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) That Explain al-Qaeda's Ability To Recruit

This is a critique of the Saudi government and it's relation to the U.S., NATO, and the West. IT IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, intended as a criticism of Islam and it's practices. ~~Auntie Imperial
Ask any CHRISTIAN Fundamentalist what they'd think about the Crass Commercialization of THEIR religion plus the ability of THEIR government to control a requirement of it, and they'd probably reach for their gun too.
In the run-up to the 'Pilgrimage to Mecca' (the Haj), the Saudi Arabian government is worried about an attack on their made-for-Islamic-media 'Religious' Spectacle.

Saudi Arabia on alert for al-Qaida attack on hajj

Saudi does not rule out Qaeda bid during Haj

Here's how the Saudi government has been 'preventing attacks' for quite a few years now:
So what do we know about Saudi Arabia?

They're incredibly rich, a nepotistic familial kingdom, a police state with the latest technology that allows them to exert authoritarian control on one of the most basic requirements in Islam, the Pilgrimage to Mecca (click the picture on the left to find out how), have control over a whole lot of oil that the US covets...
(and the NeoCons have always wanted to control, claiming OPEC's policies under Saudi control do not adequately suppress price swings, perhaps even secretly 'cheerleading' or covertly supporting enemies of the Saudi government (like 'straw man' Osama bin-Laden) to destabilize the Saudi government and wrest control of OPEC from them via other ME Oil producing countries (ostensibly) friendly to the West)

...And they're about to buy SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS worth of high tech armaments from the U.S.
Recent U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia have dramatically raised the level of military technology in the region, spurring arms races with other Persian Gulf states and with Israel. Having denied Egypt's request for the sale of Apache helicopters equipped with Longbow radar, the U.S. government has approved the possible sale of this technology to Saudi Arabia. This move opens the way for a further shift in the balance of power and technology in this region.
(FAS Search, Saudi Arabia Arms Sales)
The U.S is even supplying the Saudis with nuclear materials capable of producing Nuclear Weapons

(which many Islamic religious leaders, including the religious leaders of Iran consider 'unclean' as these weapons cannot distinguish the 'innocents' from the culpable, as prescribed by their religion's 'laws of war')
The truth is that the Saudis have been trying to get hold of nuclear weapons for decades, with the active help of their business partners, the Bush Family. As the New Yorker reported years ago (this is a link to Globalsecurity.org's coverage, which also notes Pakistani nuclear boogeyman A.Q. Khan's involvement with the U.S. government), the Saudis paid Saddam Hussein at least $5 billion from 1985 to 1990 to support his nuclear weapons program, with the understanding that they would get some of the big bombs for themselves.

Meanwhile, although 'Politics' is considered off-limits during the Haj...
OIC Chief Warns Against Politics During Haj

MECCA, 8 NOVEMBER, 2010: Secretary-general of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said the Haj pilgrimage is a time for worship with "no place for politics"
...apparently commercial operations are quite welcome:
"Meanwhile, telecommunication company, Mobily has launched two new offers for Haj pilgrims who want prepaid mobile service.

When subscribing to a Rihal prepaid line, pilgrims can choose between a Nokia 1280 for SR105 or a Nokia C100 for SR135, which supports the use of two SIM cards. Both offers include a SIM card from Mobily’s Rihal package with SR25 credit.

The offer is available at all Mobily outlets in the holy sites of Mecca and Medina and at every Mobily channel on land, and at seaports and airports." [2010's GONE! A NEW deal for 2011!]

So... Lets summarize what we know about the Saudi regime:
    • Commercialization of the site where a basic Islamic tradition takes place...
    • Control of a basic requirement of the Islamic faith...
    • 'Unclean' views of warfare that violate Islamic law...
Those are just a few of the reasons why Islamic fundamentalists, and others of the faith, despise the Saudi regime, and governments who support it.

--Salam Inshallah--

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