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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sermon: A Word From The Governor Of One Of The Most (governmentally) Crude & Devolved States In America

"(Texas Governor Rick) Perry said that it’s important to “devolve power out of Washington, D.C., back to the states,” which he called the “laboratories of innovation.” ... Perry pointed to the fact that Texas created 850,000 jobs during the last decade." [Source, Washington Post]
Auntie's response...
Yeah, if privatized prison jobs and a 'foster care' industry which detains children forcibly, and many times illegally, when snatched from their parents by an archaic court system and then drugs (2/3rds plus) of the state's 'foster care' children using so-called 'medical' personnel, could be considered "Job Creation"
"From 1984-1996 private prisons spread like wildfire across Texas. In 1984 the first private prison opened in Texas, and by 1996 there were 38 private prisons either operating or soon to open in the state."
Texas Private Prison Map
[Click the map (or here) for a fully interactive version]

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