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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Up! Stand UP! Friends Of Bradley Manning Are 'Under The Gun'!

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Get Up! Stand UP! Friends of Bradley Manning are 'under the gun'.

A number of people who are attempting to assist Bradley Manning in his legal defense are being spooked, illegally searched and stalked by agents of the US government.

Bradley Manning is the American Patriot (Capital 'P') who stands accused of, and is currently incarcerated for, releasing the Wikileaks helicopter gunsight video showing the assassination of an indigenous Iraqi MSM reporter/photographer and other innocent bystanders. One of the aircrew is heard lying to his controller about the presence of an RPG, when it's OBVIOUS from the video that the person, at best, was holding a piece of lumber, if not just a walking stick or broomhandle, and the helicopter's gunner seems quite eager to open fire pressuring his controller for a clearance to engage.

Is this an incident of "Hunting Afghani Civilians", Iraq edition?

Of COURSE it is...

Afterwards, they strafed a civilian vehicle carrying the wounded, and children.

One of the aircrew was heard commenting about the Good Samaritans who attempted to assist the wounded and were also murdered for their effort (along with one of the children I believe): "They shouldn't have brought their kids to a battle", when it is quite obvious to even the casual observer, there WAS NO 'battle'... Just a gun-happy, military-style murder by US military personnel.

The wrong guy's been arrested.

The aircrew should be brought up on court martial charges for simply LYING to their controller.

Yet the Pentagon is refusing (stalling according to this somewhat sympathetic-to-the-pentagon account that also touches on the Afghanistan incidents) to investigate their actions.

The Video (NOT for the squeamish)

For more on the harassment of the people attempting to help this true American Patriot (capital 'P') see
Glenn Greenwald's article in Salon

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