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Monday, April 5, 2010

MURDER! Watch A US Helicopter Aircrew Lie To Fire-Control And Kill A Number Of Absolutely Unarmed Iraqi Citizens Including Two Reuters Reporters

From YouTube's comments:
"And the rest of the world is expected to mourn dead Americans? Fuck the United States, and fuck its citizens....they're all animals."
From the Guardian (UK):
A secret video showing US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, was revealed by Wikileaks today.

The footage of the July 2007 attack was made public in a move that will further anger the Pentagon, which has drawn up a report identifying the whistleblower website as a threat to national security... MORE

...and then they "Grease" some civilians who volunteer their van as an ambulance for the survivors, joke about the supporting ground troops who "drove over the body" of one victim and comment on a wounded child:

"It was their fault for bringing their kids to a battle"

Not for the weak at heart:

[Pop Out Player]
The unedited 39:14 minute version is [Here]

And it certainly isn't the ONLY time innocents have been killed indiscriminately:

Talafar Girl
The soldiers standing in the dusk had called "halt," the story said, but no one did. Maybe the soldiers' accents were bad. Maybe the car motor was unduly noisy. Maybe the children were laughing loudly -- the way children do on family trips. Whatever the case, the car did not stop, the soldiers shot with deadly accuracy, seven lives changed in an instant: two died in body, five died in soul. (source)

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