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Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Care "Reform" - The Democrats Lower The Bar... About Two Inches From The Ground

[OK, so 16 million more Americans may receive MediCare. That's all well-and-good for those millions of 'Baby Boomers' retiring, or soon to retire (like myself). But that's insignificant compared to the number of people in the US who will still go without any health insurance, no less any preventative health services. // Razer]

Stan Goff, Feral Scholar. Short, Sweet... Punchy Summation.
Pig in a poke. The original word was poche, French for ‘pocket.’ Or bag. The old trick was to sell someone a suckling pig, which was wriggling inside a sack. When the buyer gets home and unties the sack to inspect the family holiday supper, voila!, it’s a stray cat. Gotcha!

Obama’s health care bill is a pig in a poke.

The expansion of Medicare to 16 million people is, on balance, a good thing… for now, and smart politics. That’s a lot of votes. Couple of other sops.

But overall, this is the pig in the poke. We can spice that cat up someway…

This bill legally compels people to purchase insurance. From private insurance companies. I hope this proves to be unenforceable. This is theft.

No caps on premiums.

No standardization of benefits.

No restrictions on benefit denials by insurance companies.

Taxing of health benefits.

Obama’s rejection of his pro-choice constituency with his executive order.

The list is very long, and the way it’s now set up, the states will be engaged by a race to the bottom, officiated by Big Insurance.

Bad news all round, but hey, the Dems lowered the bar until they could make the specious claim that they changed history. The leap over this bar was about two inches off the ground.

War and theft.


Nothing changes that isn’t changed within arms reach.

Those people don’t care about you. They care about their positions and power, and they’ll eat shovels full of shit to keep their positions and power. That’s their secret. [Source]

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