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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guerilla Gardening - The Illicit Cultivation Of Public Space

Guerilla gardening is the illicit cultivation of public space. It’s a worldwide movement – here’s the web page of guerilla gardeners in London. And yes, it is illegal, since you are tilling the soil of land you do not own. Guerilla gardening guides suggest following these three rules (From a Guerilla 'Goth' Grrrl):
Use only land that is unused or unwanted, leave the land in better condition than when you found it, and don’t get caught.
H/t: Alternet, "How Everyday Citizens are Breaking the Law for Mother Earth", Katherine Butler (From: EcoSalon), March 29, 2010

In another vein, Crop Mobbing: "This is the face of neo-agrarianism."

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