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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update: The Siege Of #OccupySantaCruz - A Move To Get The City Injunction Into A Court Where "Constitution" Is Spoken... Federal Court

Update November 13 2011

«o» The upper encampment and the Geodesic Dome Information Center by the court house steps are still under threat of removal.

[Seen recently at the #OccupySantaCruz Geodesic Dome Information Center ]
At the Geodesic Dome Information HQ

[Type of tent given by local Veterans groups to homeless Veterans]

THAT confrontation may occur as early as tomorrow morning.

There IS some good news on the legal front though.

The #OccupySantaCruz General Assembly achieved consensus this afternoon to kick the legal 'football' into federal court
, with filing fees already voted and appropriated, to seek relief from a Santa Cruz city injunction against their city park encampment, on undisclosed evidence, presented in a closed door session of Santa Cruz Superior court after a secret city council meeting.

There MAY BE further consensus on a counter-suit against the city of Santa Cruz California for attempting to violate the first amendment rights (among others) of the people at the encampment considering that legal counsel has informed the General Assembly federal court decisions consistently support camping as an exercise of the First Amendment right to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

We HAVE grievances!

The city of Santa Cruz IS attempting to deny #OccupySantaCruz that right to peaceably assemble, and considering the secrecy of the process that caused the delivery of the injunction, that attempt to deny MAY HAVE occurred under circumstances that could be described as fraudulent, or perjured.

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