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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meanwhile, In Libya (From an English speaking Libyan with relatives in country)

Unknown Libyan forces attempt to street clear with live ammo

What follows is relayed from an English speaking Libyan with relatives in country. Thanks 'Fulani' irc://irc.anonops.in/oplibya

Freeware IRC client

Libyan Protester

February 20 2011 1430pmdt

1) This Morning, Cousin In Benghazi Calls Us From Protest, Halfway Through Comes Under Fire From Helicopter

2) Benghazi Liberated At About 6pm Local Time When Libyan Spec Ops Side With People And Take Out Base

3) All Other Cities Are Now Clear Of Mercenaries

4) Sheikh Gives A Religious Order That It Is Incumbent On Every Muslim To Join In, That This Is Jihad.

This Leads To 5) Largest Tribe In Libya Joins The Fray ( 1 million Men)

6) Taureg Join The Fray (About 560k In Libya)

7) People From Subrata And Zawayra Arrive In Tripoli To Bolster The Efforts At About 10pm

8) People In Tripoli Come Out, Armed With Melee Weapons Of Every Sort - Swords, Axes, Sticks

9) Then There Was A Pitched Battle, 4 People Shot Dead By The Mercenaries

10) Protesters Come Under Fire On Omar Mukhtar Road From The Red Fort In The Green Square

11) Yesterday, Tobruk Was Cleared As Well As Baydha, The Egypt Border Was Opened And Egyptians Began To Send Supplies - Thank You To The Egyptian People God Bless

Buckethead Anon In Cairo
You're quite welcome...

12) About 2330 Libya Time, Reports Of Gunfire In Gadafi Compound, And Snipers And Police Withdraw From Green Square.

13) Reports That Gadafi Has Fled The Country To Venezuela , And That His Sons Had A Fight, Moatassem shot Saif , However, Saif Is Currently On Tv, So Either It Is A Recording Or This Isnt True

14) Crowds Everywhere Are Pissed Off At Saif (Gaddafi's son, currently speaking to the Libyan nation on Libya-TV), In Misuratha They're All Holding Their Shoes Up In Front Of The Big Screen (Symbolic For Fuck Off)


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