"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”" ~~~~Samuel P. Huntington

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Notes, From The Distance, On The the G20 'Summit' And The Concurrent "Toronto Troubles"

First, a word from Macdonald Stainsby Co-ordinator, http://oilsandstruth.org:
($1 Billion G20 Brutality - Canada's Shame @ The Livable Blog is)"Probably the best summation of the G8 I have read so far. A good cohesive write up. Needs to be read on the site where the materials and little clips are linked in."

This is what was achieved for that ONE BILLION DOLLARS in security:
The G20 Summit sets a 5 year withdrawal from Afghanistan as one of it's goals, and a number of other policies have been agreed on including deficit reductions. Guess WHY most of the industrialized nations HAVE deficits that need cutting?

Clue: It's due to persecuting a war...

Need another clue? The country we are persecuting that war on starts with the letter "A". [source]

It was interesting to read a Facebook entry from someone in the Toronto suburbs (Kitchner)on a friend's page in regard to the G20 conference and concurrent demonstrations:
"Wow.. watching channel 24, and now they are randomly arresting ppl the reporter seen a young couple five feet from him get tackled to the ground for no reason!! and taken in."

In another incident The Real News Network's Jesse Freeston, a member of the credentialed media was attacked after a deaf man was arrested for "Not Following Orders" and his equipment smashed when he asked the officer if his orders included attacking the press:

This after headlines like: G20/G8 Toronto arrest total tops 500 after night of riots...

CBC News - Toronto - G20 police raid activists' homes
Four people have been charged after G20 police raided two homes in Toronto, and there are reports activists from Montreal were arrested later at a third house...

Twits like this: _GirlsAction RT @q_e_d: RT @andrewbrett: Video Peaceful protesters sing O Canada, then police charge at them. http://bit.ly/c8YIkU #g20report #g20 #cdnpoli #cdnleft

and succinctly to the point... What to Expect at G20: Lots and Lots of Cops
Toronto, Canada - If you want to see more police officers than you’ve probably ever seen in your life, come to Toronto this weekend.

There were side issues such a the rape of large portions of Canada's land for Oil Sands, and the fact that The NGOs and E-NGOs 'have a seat' at the conference...

...after the E-NGOs sold out the Canadian Native's (First Nation) forests.

NGOs join Presidents behind the G20 Fence
Canada's non-profit industrial complex shows its face in the run up to the G20

Constantly updated reports were provided by the Toronto Media Coop HERE and at it's home page where there are links to still more information and images, such as g20.this.org, People-powered coverage of the June 2010 G8 & G20 summit.

Photo on the right from their site:

G20 Toronto 2010

Yes, there are a number of reasons for rage against the Machine

But regarding the 'rioting'...

As much as I despise random violence... I believe absolutely in "No justice no peace"

I said the same thing about the WTO demos in Seattle, and I said it when New York and so many other cities in the U.S. had the Vietnam war come home to roost.

Here's a posting Da' Buffalo did a while back on the subject of world trade and economic organizations:

An excruciatingly detailed look at how these cretins-with-suits-and-government 'credentials' destroy economies.
The WTO, World Bank, and IMF - Destroying African (or insert your third world country's name here) Agriculture

"U.S. Agriculture Secretary John Block put it at the start of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations in 1986, “the idea that developing countries should feed themselves is an anachronism from a bygone era. They could better ensure their food security by relying on U.S. agricultural products, which are available, in most cases at lower cost." [link above]
Multiply that pressure on the Third World and Agricultural nations by (G)20... Then feel the rage of the rest of the (Non-industrialized) world.

Not to mention how the E-NGOs sold out the Canadian "First Nations" and Canada's primordial forests?

They were at the G20 too.

The natives 'outside the wire', and the E-NGOs 'inside the wire'


But it comes down to this...

There's a long standing rule among "those that's doin'" about property destruction.

It's message has to be INSTANTLY recognizable!

Reverend Billy recently "building mountains' in JP Morgan/Chase banks to protest mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia for example (It Worked! They 'divested'), or dumping soot in power company lobbies as some New Yorkers fed up with Con Edison's coal burning in the 60s did, are a couple of examples that come to mind.

If what's happening appears senseless, then MY senses say "Provocateurs at work", and indeed, it's quite easy to infiltrate so-called 'black blocs'.

Case in point from the streets of Toronto:
Groups of undercover police were repeatedly identified by protesters at marches occurring between Monday and Wednesday. Some were reportedly wearing black baseball caps, bandanas with marijuana leaf-designs on them, and patches with Che Guevara on them. When asked by journalists if they were police, none denied it. [Source]
Black Blocs are too loosely affiliated to be secure or have reliable goals and leadership.

Some history... New York... Abbie Hoffman's hard core friends, UAW/MF-ESSO

Also known as Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers

The real deal...

They don't come along every day, and truth be told, someone who's angry enough to be taunted to commit an action that would run counter to a common goal with a larger community (and FWIW, this "Street Gang With Analysis", the UAW/MF, was fairy god mother to a community of so many spaced out hippies who needed help, with the ESSO (East Side Service Organization) free store, free meals, medical aid, and so much more available on a daily basis), or for that matter any discernible goal past just pure anger venting as observed by the general public, IS NOT IN ANY WAY AN ANARCHIST...

"Nihilist" would be the more appropriate term, and they simply do the work of "Useful Idiots" for whomever seeks to disrupt their community's safety and well being. In other words, they witlessly work for "The Man".

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Technocracy Responds To Disaster... This is what happens when BP spills coffee - Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

This is what happens when BP spills coffee

"A technocracy is a form of de facto elitism, whereby the "most qualified" and the ruling elite tend to be the same. These elite are selected through bureaucratic processes..." [src]

An Aside, from Dimitry Orlov, Socio-economic commentator:
Refinery - Katja Buchholz-GettyThe Chernobyl disaster was caused more or less directly by political appointeesm: the people in charge of the reactor control room had no background in nuclear reactor operations or nuclear chemistry, having got their jobs through the Communist Party. They attempted a dangerous experiment, executed it incompetently, and the result was an explosion and a meltdown. The Deepwater Horizon disaster will perhaps be found to have similar causes.

BP, the owner of Deepwater Horizon, is chaired by one Carl-Henric Svanberg—a man with no experience in the oil industry. The people who serve on the boards of directors of large companies tend to see management as a sort of free-floating skill, unrelated to any specific field or industry, rather similarly to how the Soviet Communist party thought of and tried to use the talents of its cadres.
Translate "industrial accident" into Russian and back into English, and what you get is "technogenic catastrophe". This term got a lot of use after the Chernobyl disaster. It is rather more descriptive then the rather flaccid English phrase, and it puts the blame where it ultimately comes to rest in any case: with the technology, and the technologists and politicians who push it."
[source, An American Chernobyl, Dimitry Orlov, May 06 2010]

This is what happens when BP spills oil in the Gulf of Mexico
(and elsewhere, like Nigeria, and other places you never hear about):

Burning Rig 1

Burning Rig Closeup

Exhausted Pelican - Gulf of Mexico

Oil-Fouled Water Bird - Gulf Coast

Feeling Powerless? Get Active!

Try Ecodefense!
This Book is Dedicated To Edward Abbey.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scapegoated-over-Israel-remarks reporter Helen Thomas is prescient... Jews DO prefer settlement in Germany

Zionism Is...For a glimpse of a sociologically sick Westernized Jewish culture transplanted to the shores of the Mediterranean, see:"No, no, no," he said. "We should be hitting the greenhouses." - Israelis Watch the Fighting in Gaza ... They Come With Binoculars and Lawn Chairs @ Razed By Wolves.

Reporter Helen ThomasHT: "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.

Remember, these people are occupied and it's their land. It's not Germany, not Poland."

Interviewer: "so where should they go?"

HT: "Home. Poland. Germany. America.

And everywhere else."

"...many Jews who once might have considered emigrating to Israel - making their Aliya - have in the past few years been choosing to head to Germany instead.

In 2003, for example, 12,383 Jews reportedly chose to emigrate from the former Soviet Union to Israel. But 15,442 went to Germany. The latter country, which had conceived the idea of eliminating Jews altogether just 60 years previously, was more enticing to them than the promised land itself."

[Mouse over the image for a word from the BIG guy]


14 May 2008

Israel's anxiety as Jews prefer Germany

By Harry de Quetteville

Berlin -
Israel officially celebrates its 60th birthday this month, but Amnon Seelig's grandparents were in the Holy Land well before May 14, 1948.

Like many other Jews in the first decades of last century, they were Zionists, building a life for themselves in Palestine. And while the ideology of Theodor Herzl may have been inspiration enough for many Jews, 26-year-old Amnon's grandparents had a powerful additional motivation to start anew in what was to become Israel.

"My grandparents lived in Berlin," he recalled. "There they witnessed the emergence and rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis, and suffered the stifling and sinister effects of German anti-Semitism."

For Mr Seelig's grandparents, Israel was - even before its creation -a refuge from a tyrannical and ultimately murderous Germany. The Seeligs put down roots there. Their children were born in Israel. Amnon himself grew up in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, capital of the nation his grandparents helped to build.

But, while he wears a gold Star of David on a chain around his neck, he does not live in Tel Aviv any more. "I moved to Germany 18 months ago," he said, "and I'm not planning on moving back to Israel any time soon."

In his decision to leave Israel, to beat a path in the opposite direction to his grandparents, he is not alone. Many Israelis have also chosen to leave, and are now living and working in Europe or America.

"Israel's greatest concern at the moment is that there have never been more Israelis living abroad," said Rabbi Walter Homolka, principal of the Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin. He described it as a "brain drain" and said Germany was one of the "biggest expat centres".

In addition, many Jews who once might have considered emigrating to Israel - making their Aliya - have in the past few years been choosing to head to Germany instead.

In 2003, for example, 12,383 Jews reportedly chose to emigrate from the former Soviet Union to Israel. But 15,442 went to Germany. The latter country, which had conceived the idea of eliminating Jews altogether just 60 years previously, was more enticing to them than the promised land itself.

Such a powerful wave of immigration has multiplied Germany's Jewish population tenfold from the 20,000 or so at the time the Berlin Wall fell.

But the decision by Soviet Jews to choose Germany over Israel has been cause for serious friction between the two countries. Israel lobbied hard - and ultimately successfully - to persuade Germany to end its generous immigration laws for Jews which encouraged hundreds of thousands to head to the reunited European state after the collapse of communism.

Israel's concern is prompted in large part by the word "demographics", which has become a hot topic in the Holy Land. Israel may define itself as the Jewish state, but more than a million of its citizens are Arab Muslims. They have a higher birth rate than Jews, and many in Israel worry that their country's Jewish identity is being diluted. This has inspired headlines warning of a "demographic time bomb".

For some Jews in Berlin, however, the demographic time bomb is only half of the reason that Israel, on it 60th birthday, is so sensitive to a revitalised Jewish diaspora.

The other factor, they say, is that with Jewish life flourishing, even where it was all but erased by the Holocaust, Zionism's very raison d'être is being challenged.

More and more synagogues, as well as Jewish cafés, museums and schools are opening in Germany, and even in Poland. Amnon Seelig sings in the Munich synagogue choir every Shabbat.

"Israel is in a really difficult position with immigration now, because people ask 'what is the role of Zionism today?'," said Rabbi Homolka. "The Jewish community in Berlin makes the argument that it is valid to stay here, in Germany."

In fact for Jews in Germany such as Amnon Seelig, or Anita Zadig, whose family moved to Germany from Donetsk in what is now Ukraine, Israel has a very clear role. Both described it as a "safety net" - a place of refuge to which they could run if the horrors of European anti-Semitism emerge again.

Otherwise, they say, they will stay away, in part put off by a life in Israel which even Rabbi Homolka concedes can be "so stressful". For Israel has come to define itself above all as a place of sanctuary for Jews, even in its most hostile neighbourhoods. From concrete walls advertised as anti-terror devices to secretive bombing missions on Syrian military facilities, its protective prowess is legendary.

In 60 years, Israel's political leaders and military planners no doubt hope that peace will have broken out and that they won't have to conduct such missions. But you can bet that they won't let their guard down in the meantime.

The fact that so many Jews have chosen to move to the home of the Holocaust instead of Israel seems to show that such inspirational, bloody-minded endurance comes at a high price.

After all, even at the darkest moments, Amnon Seelig's grandparents knew that Israel should be about building more than just a bunker. [SOURCE, Telegraph UK]

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