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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Calls For Accountability In US Airstrike That Killed 27 Civilians

"Kucinich writes, “Please provide information about the events leading up to the air strike, including the name of the person who granted authority to US Special Forces helicopters to conduct the aforementioned airstrike, the name of the person who ordered the airstrike, a detailed description of how it was determined that the civilians traveling by minibus were Taliban insurgents, and the protocol for ordering this airstrike and all other airstrikes."

Kucinich demanded a response within two weeks."
(He won't get one. //Auntie)

Kucinich challenges Gates on civilians killed in Afghanistan (Raw Story)

The buck doesn't appear to be stopping anywhere in Afghanistan.

"Two days after Afghanistan's deadliest attack on civilians in six months, many questions remain unanswered," The Canadian Press reports.

"Perhaps the two most pressing are: Who called in the air strike? And on what grounds?"

The article continues, "Dual investigations by NATO and the Afghan government are underway to answer those questions. But the cabinet of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has already made it clear the attack was, in a word, 'unjustifiable.'"

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) -- whose own press release notes that he remains "a vocal critic of the war in Afghanistan" -- wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday (pdf link) "demanding information on the decision-making process and the underlying intelligence that led to a NATO attack on a civilian convoy."

"Media reports indicate that 27 civilians were killed, including women and children and many more were injured," Kucinich's press release notes, adding, “The U.S. government has an obligation to protect civilians under international law. As Secretary of Defense, you have an obligation to ensure that all military operations conducted in Afghanistan are conducted in accordance to such laws."

Auntie Im wants to note that there is almost ZERO reporting of this incident in the US media, which is parroting the Pentagon's 'happy news' about the efforts they are taking to prevent civilian casualties... There have been approximately 50.

It's also notable that the Australian press seems in a panic over this incident... To wit: "ADF not responsible for fatal air strike", assuring it's citizens that NONE OF THEIR PERSONNEL was involved (whether they are lying or not is unknown), although the blurb under the picture on their site indicates they were nearby... because they 'assisted' in the aftermath of the attack.

Historical note: During Vietnam, the Australian longshoremen went on strike and refused to load ships bound for Vietnam, forcing the Australian government to pull out of that war.

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